Tortoise Creek is a range of very fine varietal wines from the Languedoc district of the South of France and the Lodi region of California.

Tortoise Creek was created by a British couple, Mel and Janie Master, who lived much of their lives in the wine business in the South of France as well as California.

The concept with Tortoise Creek was to work more with the individual grower and less with the large cooperatives as they understood that the key to any good wine, whether it is from the Languedoc, California, or any other wine region was "low yields." With that in mind, Tortoise Creek wines have been selected and blended from growers who understand this philosophy. We work closely with our growers in California and France to hand craft our selections.

In 2008, Mel and Janie Master joined forces with the Sager family who own the national importing company, Winesellers, Ltd., and together they have extended the Tortoise Creek range to include a superb range of sustainably grown Californian wines from the Lodi region. They include a superbly rich and perfumed Cabernet Sauvignon, a soft and elegant Merlot, a delicious and crisp Chardonnay, and, new for 2010, a rich Zinfandel. The Chardonnay, Cabernet and Chardonnay are all certified Sustainable ( A portion of the profits from the Zinfandel go to benefiting the Chelonian Research Foundation - a foundation that supports worldwide turtle and tortoise research (